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Family History Books

Bound Family Histories

  • Adams and Allied Families by Leona Adams Loviska
  • Descendants of John Adams and Elizabeth Naylor of Charles County, MD by Robert Adams Gaebler
  • Alsip Research by S.H. Alsip
  • Allen Family Records by J. Montgomery Seaver
  • John Asher 1769 His Descendants by Steve Bingham and Hermina Brinkmeier, 2 copies
  • Robertson Asher 1766 His Descendants by Bingham and Brinkmeier
  • Descendants of John Asher and Robertson Asher by Bingham and Brinkmeier, 2002 edition, 2 copies
  • Dillion Asher and Nancy Davis and Sally Davis by multiple contributors, 1997 and 2002 editions
  • Descendants of Dillion Asher and Nancy Davis Asher by multiple contributors, 2002 edition, 2 copies
  • Asher Research by Sue Morrow, 2 volumes
  • Asher and Allied Families Research
  • Asher Research by H. Brinkmeier???
  • Descendants of Capt. William Asher and Margaret "Peggy" Blevins by Bingham and Brinkmeier, 1999
  • John Ball of Lee County, VA by William W. Hoskins
  • Ballew Family Journal 2005
  • Three Centuries of Ballingers in America by Emma B. Reeves
  • Bechtel Family Encyclopedia Vol. 1 by Barbara M. Dalby
  • The Bingham Family of SE KY by Bingham and Brinkmeier
  • Bledsoe Family History
  • Broughton Research
  • Bryant Family Genealogy by Judy Bryant Worley
  • John Bright of Knox County, KY and His Descendants by June B. Delph 1998
  • John Tyler Brewer Family 1840-1906 by Clinton Congleton DDS, 2 copies
  • The Descendants of David Callihan by James Edward Smith
  • Cain Research
  • Caldwell Families of SE KY and their Cousins by Archie Caldwell
  • Campbell Research by Melissa P. Baskett
  • Our Campbell Ancestry by Rose S. Vincent
  • Campbell by Beulah Campbell
  • The Collett Family of Dillion Asher, 1999 edition
  • The William Collett Family of SE KY, 2002 edition
  • A Combs Family by Mae Frazier
  • History of Congleton Family in America by Clinton Congleton
  • KY Death Index: Cooper
  • A Short History of the Cooper Family Reunion in October 1991
  • The Cox Line Research by Everett Mays
  • Crank, Taylor, Fortney, Stewart Research by Raymond Crank
  • Crank, Taylor, Stewart, Depriest by Raymond Crank
  • Davis Research
  • Ancestors and Descendants of Patty Blackburn Davis by Patty D. Pascoe
  • Davenport Family History by Mary Belle Davenport
    Comments to Disney/Dizney Section
  • Disney/Dizney Family of Hofer-Donaldson Family
  • Donaldson, Donelson, Donnalson
  • Dozier Research by E. Johnson
  • Dozier Research
  • Dozier  Research by Clara McDonald Hayes, 6 volumes
  • Harvey Boyd Duncan from Missouri to Iowa by Joseph G. Duncan
  • The Early Families of Knox and Whitley Counties, KY with Allied Families by Cleland E. Early, 1988
  • Engle Research Notebook
  • Melchor Engle Family History by Winfield S.H. Engle
  • John Evans and the Legend of Madoc by John Williams
  • Evans Research Notebook
  • Eve Research Notebook
  • Fabian Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Merrill H. Fabian
  • Descendants of Ian Esom Farris in VA and KY
  • The Descendants of Thomas Disney 1755-1853 compiled by Charles Sterling Owens 1996
  • A Fitch Family History by John T. Fitch
  • Foley Family by Elisabeth F. Van Overbeke, Cheavens, Self, and Black Families of Boone County, Missouri by Virginia Easley DeMarce
  • William Fytche of Little Canfield by John T. Fytche
  • A Study of Gambrells, Allens, Hensleys, Brewers, and Others from Clay and Knox Counties, Kentucky by Hazel Roche 1995
  • Glasscock Family Tree Notebook by Lawrence Glassco
  • Genealogy of the Golden Family through Richard Golden 1746?-1796? and His Descendants by Rollin G. Golden
  • Golden Family History by Rollin G. Golden (Folder)
  • James Hales of Knox County, KY Descendants and Kin by Nancy E. Hale
  • The Hamblen and Allied Families by A. Porter Hamblen
  • Phillip Hammon-Man of Valor by Ralph Hammond
  • Hammons Research Folder by Patsy Hammons Koerner, 2 Volumes
  • The Hammond Herald Notebook
  • Hammons Research Notebook
  • Descendants of Elijah Hammons and Nancy Crook
  • Hammons 2 Volumes Notebook
  • Hatfield, Shadows Over Us, Part II, 2 Volumes by Jerry and Rhonda Hatmaker
  • Heinemann Family Group Sheets
  • Helton, Descendants of Peter Helton
  • Helton Heritage by David R. Helton 1989
  • Descendants of Ezekiel Hendrickson by Joseph G. Hendrickson
  • George Hendrickson and Elizabeth Steele
  • Hoods of Laurel County by Judge Noble Littell
  • Hubbard Folder, 2 Volumes
  • The Civil War Diary of Corporal Larkin Hubbard
  • Hubbard Notebook
  • Hubbard Research, 5 Volumes, Patsy Hammons Koerner
  • Hubbard's History and Genealogy by Leslie S. Hubbard
  • Hubbard Computer Index
  • Descendants of John Hubbs, 1763-1991, and Allied Families: Terrells, Grants, Floyds, Mackey and Warfields by Hart and Cooper
  • The Humfleet Family with Allied Families of Sasser, Kirby,Tuttle, Sprinkles, Langley, Chesnut, Gilbert, Waggoner and Bass by Patricia Humfleet Mellor
  • Robert Hutchins of Colonial America by Jack Randolph Hutchins 1992
  • William Hutchins of Carolina by Jack Randolph Hutchins 1995
  • Israel Notebook
  • Johnson Cave Research Notebook
  • David Johnson 1815-1894 by Larry G. Johnson
  • A Noble Son: Spencer W. Kimble by the Institute of Family Research
  • William King and Virginia Watkins: Their Ancestors and Descendants by Maellen King Ford
  • The Lane Family: Descendants of Major Samuel Lane, Part IV, by Larry A. James - 1989
  • The Lane Family: Descendants of Major Samuel Lane, Part IV, by Larry A. James - 1990
  • Lane Research by Ernest D. Lane
  • John Lathrop (1584 - 1653) by the Institute of Family Research
  • Lay Family Research by J. Gilbert Lay
  • Lay (The Descendants of Robert Lay of Saybrook, Conn.) by Edwin Hill
  • Lay Research by various authors
  • Lay/Leger Ancestry of William James and Mary Hannah Lay Leger by Pauline Leger 
  • Alford
  • Vignettes of an American Family: Lickliter, Ball, Speaks, Goforth, Yeary by Archie West
  • The Lickliter Family of Knox County, Kentucky by Archie West
  • Geneva Mae Litteral Ancestors by Archie West
  • Descendants of William Logan of Knox County, KY, by Barbara Baker
  • Logan Family Research, by E. G. Mays
  • Meet Our Ancestors/ The Louden-Thomas-Baird-Hembree-Hamby-Walden-Rains-Muse-Owens-Ayers-Crowely-Rose-Archer-Bowlin-Siler-Wilson Genealogical Story and History compiled by Shelby jean Lawson Alexander 1994
  • ‘Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy, by Hobart & Orville McCoy
  • Jesse McFadden of Knox and Laurel Counties, KY. His Descendants and Kin by Nancy E. Hale
  • McDonald Research, by Clara McDonald Hayes
  • McKeehan Family, by Lois E. Jones
  • Matheny – Gucciardo and Allied Families, by Dolores Matheny Gucciardo
  • Mahan, Hamblin and Allied Families, by E. G. Mays
  • E. G. Mays Research: Terrell, Spain, Mays, Parker, Peace, Hopper, Evans, Davis, Logan, by E. G. Mays
  • The Family of Frederick Messer: The Old Man of the Hills, by Brenda Messer
  • Mills Mania, by Nila McCartney
  • Our Family: Morgan, Asher, Hendrickson, Steele, by Monte Hendrickson
  • The Mitchell Families of Knox County, Kentucky in the Early 1800s, by Virginia Mitchell Everdin
  • Something of the Mitchell Family, by Judge Noble Littell
  • Moore Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver
  • The Moses Tribe, by Richard Moses
  • The Norcross Family of Henry County, Missouri and Related Families: Rogers, Walker, Tarter, Swift, Keltner, Lancaster, Beers, Catron, Pinnell, Jones, by Claude Norcross
  • Parker Family Research, by E. G. Mays
  • Peace, by Richard Peace
  • The Descendants of Adam Petry and Franky Oaks, by Ernest Petry
  • From Settlements to Community: My Ancestors in 18th and 19th Century America, Parman’s, Brock’s, Chadwell’s and Gregory’s by David Parman
  • Perkins Family Records, by J. Mongomery Seaver
  • Kentucky PondeRecords of Virginia, By Richard Prewitt
  • Bible Records of Regan Family, by Maxine Jones
  • Ruddrick Family of America, by John Hanneman (2 copies)
  • Roberts Research, by Unknown
  • The Sanders Family of Grass Hill, by Anna Virginia Parker
  • Sasser Records, by James and June Sasser
  • The Scalf Family History, by Elmer Scalf
  • Sears, Walker, Wilcoxon, Boone, Maugridge, by June Welch
  • Appalachia Crossroads, Vol. 1, Descendant of Hezekiah Sellards, by Clayton R. Cox
  • Some Sextons, aka Saxon, Saxton, Sexon, Sexton, by Patricia Patton
  • The Siler Family, by Theodore Siler
  • Family Tree Shaking, by Willa Mills Hood
  • The Siler Family, by Plikard Dederic and Elizabeth Siler
  • The Siler Family Newsletter, 1973, by various authors
  • Descendants of Nathaniel Smith Knox, Whitley County, son of Elijah Smith, Revolutionary War Patriot from New Jersey and Virginia, by Goldie Smith Hieronymous
  • Descendants of Elijah Smith and Polly Wiley Smith, their Eldest Sons and Daughters, and Descendants of Moses Foley, by Goldie Smith Hieronymous (3copies)
  • Descendants of Elijah Smith and Polly Wiley Smith's Eldest Sons and Daughter/ William Smith and Nancy Jane Sutton, Lucinda Smith and George Petrey, Robert Smith and Mary Ann Sutton, John Smith and Ollie Jones and Descendants of Moses Foley, Sr. by Goldie Smith Hieronymus 1980
  • Neil Soper, by Mike Mills
  • Who We Are/ Smith-Slusher-Woolum-Sizemore-Messer-Carnes-Warren-Bargo-Mills by Escoe Smith 2006
  • Descendants of Samson Standfield, Son of John and Mary Standfield, by Goldie Smith Hieronymous
  • Descendants of William Steele, by Rex Steele
  • Steele, a Gathering of the Clan, by Carl Edmond Steele
  • Muck/Stewart Family Files, by unknown
  • Stewart Research, unknown
  • Stewart Family, by Joyce Lindstrom
  • Alexander and Catherine Sheets Stewart and Their Kentucky Descendants through William, Charlie and Mary Polly Crank Stewart by Louie M. Stewart
  • Pages of Time/ Woolum-Bingham by William Boyd Woolum
  • A Record of the Descendants of Alexander Stewart 1755-1835 Virginia and Kentucky, by Arthur D. Stewart, Jr.
  • The Nowlin Stone Genealogy, by James Nowlin
  • The Family of John Stone, by Truman Lewis Stone
  • Kin of My Grandchildren Storm by Judge Noble Littell
  • From Log Cabin to the White House, A History of the Taylor Family, by Mary Taylor Brewer
  • Isaac Jacob of Clay and Laurel Counties, Kentucky, by Nancy Hale
  • The Descendants of Terry, Spencer, Champ and Gardner Mullins, Rockcastle County, Kentucky compiled by Charles Sterling Owens 1996
  • The Thomas Family History, by Sylvia Spearman Thomas
  • Throsper, by Clara McDonald Hayes
  • Throsper Research, by Clara McDonald Hayes
  • Lets Meet the Throspers, by Robert Throsper (2 copies)
  • Tye Research, by various contributors, 2 vol.
  • Tye Family History, Book I and Il, by Mary Belle Davenport
  • Vannoy Research, by various contributors
  • The Wagers History, by Tilford Wagers
  • Walker Family, by Geneva Dugger Taylor
  • Walker Family Research, by unknown
  • Walker, by Louis Walker
  • A History of the Walkers From Perry and Knox Counties, Kentucky, by Louis Walker
  • The Genealogy of Our Walker Family, by Robert Walker
  • Warren Kith and Kin a Genealogy, by George Corbett Warren, Jr., 1986
  • The Genealogy of the Webster, Martin, Dozier, Staples, & Starke Families of Wilkes County, GA, Their Ancestors, Descendants, & Kin, Braswell, Wyatt & Martin, by Michal Martin Farmer
  • The West Family of Knox County, Native American Heritage, by Archie West
  • A Chronicle of the West Family and Vignettes of The Barnard and Charpenter Families, by Archie West
  • The Story of Us, the Wheeler Family, Year 2001 Update, by Marshall Wheeler
  • Our Wheeler Family, by Marshall R. Wheeler
  • Vignettes of an American Family: West and Allied Families, Book 1, West, Carpenter and Barnard, Draft 1, by unknown
  • Family Photograph, West, Swan Pond Area, Artemus, Archie B. West Collection, July 2016, by Archie West
  • Footsteps of Our Fathers: Williams, Tyes, McDormans, Pridhams, The Times of Their Lives, by Jack H. Williams
  • Wade Netherland Woodson 1, and Reason Warfield 1, compiled by Patsy Ann Hammons Koerner
  • Woolam/Wollam Research, by unknown
  • Woolum, by various contributors
  • History of the Wright Family, by William Henry Wright and Gertrude Wright Ketcham

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