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Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church 100-Year Celebration - 1996

June 23, 1996

Editor's Note: The following history and information related to the 100th anniversary celebration of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in 1996 was passed on to the Museum by Glenda Owens of Bailey Switch.

The following information was given by Mattie Majors, who is the oldest living member of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. This information was written to Pat Hensley in a letter dated September 1985.

"Pleasant Ridge as I know it was organized in the head of California Hollow in Bill Golden's house by Bill Golden, Frank Parrott, John Tom Parrott and J. T. Stamper, who was my dad and was the minister. The other ones were the first deacons. The Parrotts lived on Parrott Branch and were Baptist. My dad lived in a house near where the store house Paul Stamper ran his insurance, but the railroad took it.

The ground where the church set close to where I lived was given by the Hutchins brothers, who were Methodist. People rode for miles in wagons to church. They wouldn't have business on Sunday so when it came time for business, they would take their teams from the plow and go on Saturday for morning business. As soon as they could, everybody got together and built the house which stood right out from where I lived until the State took it.

Then we built the one that we are now going to church in. Elmer Treadway gave the lot to build the house on where it is now. John Tom Parrott had a sawmill and he sawed the lumber and the people donated the logs and everybody worked together to build the house. Methodists as well as Baptists went to church there, I'll never forget Tom McDonald, who was a Methodist, who led the singing; oh, how happy he would get when he would sing "Give Me That Old Time Religion." How I would love to hear him sing that again. He was Christine Hammons' grandfather. Sing it in honor of him sometime, so many would like that.

The church gave a long rock step to Godfrey Parrott which his dad hewed out with the date of when the house was built or when the church was organized, I don't know which. Godfrey is dead, but I guess Alice Parrott could tell you where it is. Godfrey said if the church ever wanted it back they could have it. The church must be close to one hundred years old. It is older than me and I'll be 84 the 24th of December."

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church was organized June 21, 1896. Today was the closest date on a Sunday that we could schedule this 100 Year Homecoming Celebration.

What a honor and privilege to be here today to celebrate this special occasion. There have been so many people during these past 100 years - pastors, deacons and members who have worked faithfully in this church and kept it going for us and for this we are so thankful. What an honor if one of these days someone can say the same thing about those of us here today.

This 100 Year Homecoming Celebration would not be complete without recognizing the person who had this dream and today it has become a reality. Bro. Jack Bargo, our former pastor, planned this homecoming celebration. There would not be sufficient words to tell him what an important part he had in our church. Bro. Jack got the steeple put on our church; he had the church bell removed when the steeple went on and placed on a wooden stand in our church yard (this is the bell from our original church building); he got the rock (Mrs. Majors talked about) and put it in the church yard. Bro. Jack got the baptistry installed and the painting on the walls inside the baptistry. As you look on this painting today, you can see how it is almost breathtaking. For these things and much more, we will forever hold Bro. Jack dear in our hearts.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank Mattie Majors, our oldest living member, for sharing this information. Mrs. Majors had to move out of our area several years ago and live closer to her family. However, her heart is still here at Pleasant Ridge.

A special thank-you to Crit Owens. chairman of deacons, who is always here at every service. Bro. Crit supports Pleasant Ridge in every way possible. He is truly a blessing to each of us.

We are so happy each of you came today to share with us in this 100 Year Homecoming Celebration. We appreciate Bro. Bill Wolfe, a former pastor, bringing the message today. Thanks to the special singers for sharing with us in song.

Thanks to our Pastor Earl Tye for helping us in finalizing the 100 Year Homecoming Celebration arrangements.

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