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Dwight D. Warren of Oak Ridge, Tenn., has authorized the Knox Historical Museum to copy and publicize his hand-drawn map of Roaring Fork on Stinking Creek in Knox County, Kentucky.

The map was drawn by Warren in 2007 and lists various bodies of water, hollows, settlers' names, historical incidences including murder, and much more. See link to map at end of article.

Warren is the son of the late K.S. Sol Warren and his wife Beatrice (Ward) Warren. He grew up in Boone Heights and graduated from Knox Central High School in 1967.

The backside of the map contains two separate notes. One note mentions the brothers Tom and Abner Carnes from North Carolina along with their mother (Patterson) came to Flat Lick in the 1790s, to Patterson Branch (latter Kinningham Branch). From there they moved to Trace Branch. Then the brothers came over the hill to Roaring Fork in the 1830s. 

The second note mentions that Chester Smith, Odie Bingham, and two unidentified babies are buried in the Odie Bingham Cemetery, which is listed on the map.

Click to see Mr. Warren's Map of Roaring Fork

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