Early settler Nasby Mills, June Miller Gatliff, and others featured in The Knox Countian magazine

Two new issues of The Knox Countian magazine, under the guidance of editor Charles Reed Mitchell, were published this summer.

Both issues are available for purchase in the Knox Historical Museum's online Museum Store, which is found under the "Support Us" tab..

The following lists the contents of both issues.

Vol. 24 No. 4 - Winter 2012
• Nasby Mills on Stinking Creek, Kentucky, Parts 1 and 2, by Michael C. Mills
• The Barbourville Story, Parts 3 & 4 by W.S. Hudson, prepared by Douglas Bargo
• Thomas Tuggle, 1766-1835, written by Kenneth H.Tuggle
• A Tribute to William M. Dishman, Jr. 1936-2016, written by Charles Reed Mitchell
• The Dishman Family, written by William M. Dishman, Jr.
• Victor A. Bingham and the Last Days of World War I, written by Dora Sue Oxendine Farmer
• Benjamin Shorter - Local Descendants Honor a Union Civil War Soldier, written by Sharron Oxendine
• A.H. Harritt - Obituary of Union College's First President
• Museum Additions from Jakalyn Jackson in memory of the late Sonya Burnette and donations from Sam Davies, Bonnie Carr, Connie Carroll and Susan Liford

knox volume 025 number 001 tbn
Vol. 25 No. 1 - Spring 2013

• A Knox County Rosie the Riveter: June Miller Gatliff, 1924-2016, interviewed by Charles Reed Mitchell and Ina Mitchell Gatliff
• The Barbourville Story, Parts 5 and 6, written by W.S. Hudson and prepared by Douglas Bargo
• The Bank of Barbourville, 1818-1820, written by Kenneth H. Tuggle
• Nasby Mills on Stinking Creek, Knox County, Kentucky, Part 3: Nasby Mills On Left Hand Fork of Stinking Creek, 1823-1833, written by Michael C. Mills
• The Barbourville Governors: 1939 Kentucky Amateur Baseball Champions, with information for this sketch from Phil Fox and Shirley "Buck" Treadway