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Highland Park Baptist Church History

Editor's Note: The following history of Highland Baptist Church, which is located in Heidrick, Kentucky, was published around 1990 in the church directory. On March 30, 2018, current pastor Jeffrey Branum provided the following updates: the new church building was built in 2001; the old church building is being used as a youth group activity center; and the church has acquired two new properties for future development.

Highlights of the Highland Baptist Church History

In 1924. under the leadership of Brother Calvin Thompson, the First Baptist Church of Barbourvlle. Kentucky invited Brother Paul Montgomery as the evangelist for a tent revival in Heidrick. After this revival meeting, several of the people from First Baptist came to Heidrick to share a meal on the ground with those of Heidrick. They were going to discuss and implore as to how they could finance a new building in Heidrick for a congregation to meet in. Brother Thompson, and seven other men in a car with him, were discussing this matter as they traveled to Heidrick. One of the men challenged the rest by saying that he would match that amount that Brother Thompson would give. Brother Thompson pledged $100.00 at that time.

Upon arriving at the commitment service, Brother Thompson revealed to everyone present that God had changed the plans. He said that they could now build a brick building instead of a frame building because they already had $800.00 pledged.

Brother J. S. Patterson voluntarily gave his cabbage patch for the building site. The building remains on this location today.

In 1958 the church made several major renovations and additions. A choir loft, baptisry, two classrooms, a kitchen, and restroom were added. At this time the auditorium was remodeled and new pews added.

In 1965 the church built a new parsonage for the pastor. In 1970 another three classrooms were added as well as a new heating and cooling system installed. Many other changes occurred to improve the physical and spiritual growth of the church.

In 1987 the church purchased property across the street for extra parking. We look forward to what God is going to do at Highland Park Baptist Church.

The apostle Paul bears witness to the bedrock of the Highland Park Baptist Church as we read a passage- from his letter to the Church at Corinth. “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. ’’

The Highland Park Baptist Church has stood firm on this foundation down through the years and continues to do the same today.

In this directory you will find those “lively stones" that have been securely placed on the foundation of Jesus Christ. They are a testimony for the work of those who are “laborers together.”

In appreciation for the pastors that helped to cement these stones together with the love of God, I have included them here in our directory.


Marcum Smith 12/1926 - 01/1928 Paul Vincent Dates Unknown
Herbert Shelton 02/1928 - 07/1928 Grant Hubbs 12/1947 - 01/1949
Ralph Mays 08/1928 - 12/1928 Roosevelt Earle 06/1949 - 04/1950
Bill Garland 12/1928 - 12/1929 Carl Reeves 06/1950 - 12/1950
Jim Watkins 12/1931 - 09/1932 Walter Hammons 01/1951 - 12/1953
Fred Bennett 12/1933 - 12/1933 Roosevelt Earle 12/1953 - 11/1954
Jim Golden 12/1933 - 05/1934 S.R. Helton 12/1954 - 03/1955
Walter Robinson 07/1934 - 09/1934 Jack McCurry 05/1955 - 10/1961
Bill Garland 12/1934 - 12/1935 Paul Blacketor 01/1962 - 07/1963
W.N. Epperson 01/1936 - 12/1938 Thurman Sutton 12/1963 - 09/1965
Wayne Beavers 12/1938 - 01/1939 Erskin White 09/1966 - 06/1967
W.N. Epperson 08/1940 - 01/1942 Don Downing 11/1967 - 06/1986
George Harris 04/1943 - 01/1945 Dale Rose 08/1986 - 06/1990
Cordell Partin Dates Unknown Jeffrey Branum 10/1990 - present

Working For The Lord,

Br. Jeffrey Branum

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