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Local historian Jakalyn Jackson recently provided important information about the old train depot at Cannon, including a painting of the re-imaged depot.

The lack of any known photographs of the Cannon depot prompted Ms. Jackson way back in the 1990's to interview several people in Cannon who described the appearance of the depot. These included Dorothy Mills, Reed Jackson and Mattie Jackson Marion, all of Cannon.

Based on these descriptions, Ms. Jackson then contracted Knox Central High School art teacher Lillie Kinder to paint the re-imagined Cannon train depot.

Said Ms. Jackson, "The Cannon Depot was located in the Cannon community in front of the Cannon Post Office. It was a small building which was open on one side next to the C&M [Cumberland and Manchester] Railroad. There were benches around the side of the building where people sat as they waited on the train.

"The mail carrier also collected the mail sacks which were thrown off the train as it traveled to Manchester, Kentucky. The depot stood until the 1930's when it became so dilapidated it had to be torn down."

re imaged old train depot at cannon ky

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